A mixed-race military veteran in the midst of a mid-life crisis gets hired to run an all-talk radio station and her first assignment is to change their format from liberal to conservative, but a rival station manager sabotages her success with increasingly zany schemes.


This workplace comedy with an all-female cast tackles hot-button social issues and explores a variety of human experiences, backgrounds, races, and cultures. But this show is not about the media examining the media. It’s a funny exploration of diversity with characters we deeply love.

Talk Radio is centered around Super Loco “Amanda” Fuego Rodriguez, a single, mixed-race journalist, and US Army veteran. Amanda longs for personal and professional success. The happiest moments of her life were when she worked in the Armed Forces Radio Network in the military. She misses the feeling of a workplace family.

So, Amanda jumps at the opportunity to take over programming at WJR 760 Talk Radio and Podcast Studios in her hometown of Detroit. 

The owner wants Amanda to change the station’s format to a more robust conservative following. But this triggers a showdown with Amanda and her co-workers’ liberal goals to be “evolutionaries in conscious media.”

Now add a sexist villain who runs the rival radio station in the same building. This guy is #1 in the market. He sees Amanda as a threat to his business. So, he makes her an offer.

Amanda must limit her own success to keep her station at #2, or he will report them to the FCC for violations that will shut them down. Now if Amanda loses her job, she’ll end up back on the streets of Detroit where she came from. If she makes the deal, everyone keeps working, but she’ll be a sellout to a creep.

Amanda sticks to her principles.

The studio gets shut down. Amanda is out of work. Her dreams are crushed. This is when her emotional journey becomes ours. Now we care about Amanda because, she stood up for what was right. We root for her because, her beliefs will elevate everyone around her.

Amanda goes rogue with a pirate broadcast to expose the corruption. Her staff supports her, and they form a family-like bond she always wanted. Amanda recruits the owner to give her another shot. Turns out the female owner wants revenge on this guy, too.

So, the owner pays the FCC fines. The studio reopens. Amanda and her staff keep their jobs. Amanda has healed her inner wound by creating a makeshift family.

And she’s achieved her external goal of running the station.

But this is where her character arc gets a fascinating twist.

Amanda feels grateful to the gutsy owner who saved them all. This gratitude is the catalyst for a new phase of her life. The owner, who previously seemed evil to her, is now someone she admires.

Amanda feels like she is maturing and becoming a better manager under her tutelage. But Amanda’s shifting “centrist” attitude looks like a betrayal to her liberal staff.

Now Amanda is stuck in the middle between her co-workers on the left and the conservative owner on her right. This places her perpetually on the horns of a juicy dilemma.

Her workplace is a constant tug-of-war of values and social rules she must navigate. This culture clash is the engine that creates the unique and ongoing comedy for the series.

And at the end of the first season the reward for the viewer will be more than just laughs. It will reveal how treating all people fairly is the best way to live a happy life.

The sharp ensemble cast is buoyed by fast-paced dialogue combined with physical humor and visual gags. Quick-witted and farcical, each story line involves satirical takes on historical events, news stories, and pop culture references.

And each character gets the A+ three-dimensional treatment like Amanda – with their own obstacles, goals, heartwarming charm, and arcs.

Right now, is the perfect time for a story that brings people together with unforgettable characters. This script received a double recommend in coverage from Stage 32.


David Santo seen in… – Screenwriter (screenwriterdave.com)

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