Talk Radio

A mixed-race military veteran gets hired to run an all-talk radio station and her first assignment is to change their format from liberal to conservative, but a rival station manager schemes to sabotage her success.


“Talk Radio” is a female-driven comedy centered around Super Loco “Amanda” Gorman Rodriguez, a mixed-race journalist and Army veteran. She’s relentlessly optimistic about life and work. She’s also a no-nonsense individual who treats everything like a mission. When you’re Amanda, you go hard or go home.

Amanda is taking over programming at WJR 760 Talk Radio Podcast Studios in Detroit. The owner wants Amanda to change the station from its dwindling liberal listenership to a more robust conservative following.

Amanda reviews the station’s content on the basis of “morality” which triggers a free speech backlash and a showdown with Amanda and her staff.

It becomes a battle between Amanda’s hard-nosed conservative mandate vs. her co-workers liberal goals to be “evolutionaries in conscious media.”

Now add office politics and interpersonal relationships with an egotistical anchor, ambitious supervising producer, hapless reporter and a sardonic assistant. And don’t forget the villain who runs the rival radio station in the same building.  

And at the end of the first season the reward for the viewer will be more than just laughs. It will reveal how cancelling people – conservatives or liberals – is harmful to us all, and we can strengthen society by treating all people fairly.

The sharp ensemble cast is buoyed by fast-paced dialogue combined with physical humor and visual gags. Quick-witted and farcical, each story line involves satirical takes on historical events, news stories, and pop culture references.

Right now, is the perfect time for a show that tackles hot-button social issues and offers brilliant solutions to them. 

David Santo seen in… – Screenwriter (

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